Comp Plan

Compensation Plan Like No Other

At LifeVantage, you're rewarded every step of the way on your path to success. This means you're rewarded in the beginning, you're rewarded as a builder and you're rewarded as a high-ranking distributor. Here is the example of how LifeVantage pays you:

Fast Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)
Be rewarded weekly on product purchased by new distributors you enroll. If you personally enroll and purchase a Vantage Pack and maintain an ongoing monthly PV of 200 or more, each time you enroll a new distributor, you will earn 40% on the new enrolled distributor's product purchase. If you Enroll and purchase a Start Kit and maintain at least 100 PV Autoship, you qualify to earn 30% on the product purchased by your newly enrolled distributors.

Infinite Fast Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)
The Infinite Fast Start Bonus is a revolutionary bonus program that can accelerate your business growth. Earn $100, $50 and $35 bonuses infinitely wide and infinitely deep in your organization.

Fast Start Bonus Pool (Paid Monthly)
5% of total Fast Start commissionable sales volume is put into a pool. You receive a share in the pool for every five new people you enroll in a month who have a minimum of 30 PV with a combined total of 500 PV (between the five new enrollments).

Royalty Commission (Paid Monthly)
Earn long-term residual income on product sales within your entire organization. All product sales volume is dynamically compressed and you qualify to earn up to nine levels as you advance in rank (see Compensation Plan graphic).

Generational Matching Bonus (Paid Monthly)
Earn a 10% match on the royalty checks of your personal enrollees' commissions based on sales from their downline. Earn an additional 5% down four enrollment generations of your personal enrollees royalty checks based on sales from their Downline. (You must enroll one person per month with 100 PV to earn the monthly Matching Bonus through Pro 6.) In order to earn a full generational match, you must maintain a minimum Autoship of 200 PV. If your Autoship is less than 200 PV, you will earn half of the Matching Bonus.

Elite Bonus Pool
4% of the total global commissionable sales are put into a pool and are paid to qualified Pro 7 through Pro 10 distributors.

Infinite Fast Start Bonus Summary