Science that is Proven, Documented and Measurable 

It may sound too good to be true, but you will soon discover that Protandim has been scientifically validated over and over in independently funded peer-reviewed published studies (the gold standard of medical research) conducted at major universities. You can view this scientific breakthrough information at the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website. It works 100% of the time! Click here: PubMed - Protandim

"The science behind Protandim is different and unique because LifeVantage Corporation doesn't pay for it. In the world of research, this means that the product and its science must be so compelling that Ph.Ds from universities around the world want to study it and want to spend their own time and money doing it. LifeVantage has a product other people are paying to study! That is unheard of, especially in the supplement industry."       - Dr. Skip Campbell

Understanding Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress represents an imbalance between the systemic manifestation of reactive oxygen species and a biological system's ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage. Disturbances in the normal redox state of cells can cause toxic effects through the production of peroxides and free radicals that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids, and DNA. Further, some reactive oxidative species act as cellular messengers in redox signaling. Thus, oxidative stress can cause disruptions in normal mechanisms of cellular signaling.  Oxidative stress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oxidative Stress is currently the subject of over 100,000 published Peer-Reviewed medical research studies and that number is increasing weekly. 

To view the extensive research being done on Oxidative Stress visit - U.S. National Library of Medicine - National Institute of Health. The online database of published Peer-Reviewed medical research. Click here: PubMed - Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress and Protandim

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 An excess of free radicals causes oxidative stress.
  • Protandim is the most potent antioxidant therapy today.
  • Science articles demonstrate the importance of reducing oxidative stress.
  • In living life to the fullest our bodies generate oxidative stress--a physiological imbalance between free radicals and the body's antioxidant defense system.
Oxidative stress occurs when our cells generate dangerous byproducts known as free radicals. Free radicals, highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons, roam the body in search of other electrons and in the process, seek out and destroy healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. And Protandim has been proven more effective than any other antioxidant therapy available today.

Science not only supports our claims, scientific research has identified oxidative stress as contributing to a number of health conditions including cardiovascular health, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. Thousands of articles, peer-reviewed and published in respected medical journals around the world, such as "The International Biochemistry & Cell Biology," Volume 39, Issue 1, 2007, document the effect of "free radicals and antioxidants in normal physiological functions & human disease."

 Why Free Radicals are Harmful to the Body
Free radicals are highly unstable, reactive molecules with an unsatisfied electron pair. They scavenge the body in search of electrons, thereby damaging cells, proteins and DNA.
Free radicals arise from both internal and external sources, including breathing, metabolism, inflammation, pollution, sunlight, exercise, smoking and consuming alcohol.
Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals are inadequately neutralized by the body's antioxidant defense system, or when they overwhelm antioxidants.

Understanding Glutathione - “The Master Antioxidant”

Why haven’t we heard about glutathione? Why is it so important?

The answers to these questions are in the videos below. This will amaze you! 

Glutathione is currently the subject of over 102,000 published studies and that number is increasing weekly. Visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine to learn more. Click here Glutathione - PubMed - NCBI

Protandim Boosts Glutathione Levels by 300% 

You may have never heard of glutathione but its presence in our bodies is critical to  our health. Along with the enzymes superoxide dismutase, or SOD, and catalase, glutathione is one of the foremost antioxidants turned on by Protandim to help repel free radicals. This molecule is comprised of the proteins cysteine, glycine and glutamine.

Glutathione is a major antioxidant produced by every cell in the body. It neutralizes free radicals and helps cells function properly. Glutathione is also found in the cells of the immune system, which is responsible for combatting disease.

Glutathione also regulates the life-essential nitric oxide cycle. In humans, nitric oxide is an important molecule in many physiological and pathological processes. Nitric oxide, for example, is crucial in protecting organs such as the liver.
Glutathione is used in metabolic and biochemical reactions. Furthermore, every system in the body can be impacted by the state of the glutathione system.

The major free radical fighter in the brain, when low, glutathione has been linked to bipolar disease and schizophrenia.

A February 2009 study, published in "Free Radical Biology & Medicine" and conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Denver's Department of Medicine, showed that Protandim produced a 300 percent increase in glutathione.

Protandim is scientifically proven in a published peer-reviewed study to increase the body’s productions of glutathione levels by 300%. 

There is no other means by which our body can increase our production of Glutathione naturally at this scale! 

Glutathione is the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT and the MOST IMPORTANT ANTIOXIDANT in your body!  

If you don't understand what that means - please watch the video below.

You won't find a supplement that naturally increases the body's level of glutathione more than Protandim. 

Protandim is a scientific breakthrough and the most important ALL NATURAL product you can commit the future of your health to.

Click below to view Protandim study: Protandim - Glutathione Study

Dr. Keller on Glutathione - Retarding the Aging Process

Understanding Nrf2 - The Master Regulator

Nrf2, a protein messenger that binds itself to DNA, is the master regulator of the body's aging process and is critical in the fight against oxidative stress.

  • Nrf2 fights oxidative stress.
  • Nrf2 helps the body regulate at peak efficiency.
Nrf2 communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they're already designed to do. When activated, Nrf2 enters the nucleus of a cell and up-regulates "survival genes," genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulates other genes that promote inflammation and fibrosis to help the body function at an optimal level.

Protandim Activates the Antioxidant Defense

Superoxide dismutase, better known as SOD, is an important antioxidant defense in nearly all cells exposed to oxygen. This enzyme was discovered by Dr. Joe McCord, Chief Science Officer at LifeVantage. SOD is turned on by Nrf2 and is made by most cells to detoxify superoxide, a compound that the immune system deploys to destroy invading microorganisms.

Dr. Dan Murphy on Protandim - Extensive Research

Oxidative Stress is the subject of over 100,000 published Peer-Reviewed Medical Research studies. The importance of reducing oxidative stress is becoming more and more evident every day.

How Protandim the Nrf2 Synergizer works

Nrf2 is one of the key proteins in the body and regulates 1000+ of the 25,000 genes in the body. Dr. McCord uses an easy to understand analogy of ringing a doorbell to simplify the chemistry.

Think of every gene as having a "dimmer switch." Nrf2 is the protein that can reach the dimer switch. Protandim helps your body wake up, balance and regulate its genes by "turning some up" or "turning some down!" In fact, the genes Protandim regulates are termed by scientist as Survival Genes.

Through this process reducing oxidative stress (free-radical damage) by an average of 40% after 30 days.

Watch, Dr. McCord explains Protandim, the potent Nrf2, and how it works.

Science Update

More genes are regulated by Protandim than originally thought. This short clip will quickly give you a taste of the vast impact Protandim has on the human body through the activation of over 1000 genes that produce a multitude of beneficial effects in the body. The number of genes we know are being regulated has increased several times since 2005 with the ongoing research on Protandim and Nrf2 gene activation.